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Calgary Landscaping Companies, Take These Steps Before Hiring Landscaping Company.

Are you a resident in Calgary and you desire to have landscape at your home or business? When looking up Calgary landscaping companies, are you of the opinion that you have found a competent landscaping company that is trusted and will be able to do the work? Before you sign any agreement with any landscaping, make sure that you go through these steps.

Recent projects When you want to hire any landscaping company ask about their past or recent projects. A competent company will have their portfolio with them to show you. Take note of their set-up, style and preferred theme. Ask yourself sincerely; do you find their work attractive? Does their style go in line with your envisions? Whats the concept of their design? The primary role of that design from the company is to have the same concept that you desire.

Detailed Quotes Dont accept any verbal quotes. All estimates should be in black and white, with a break- down of what they will offer and how much each item to be used will cost. (Materials and workmanship)

You want to know how much you will spend, and estimated time it will take for the company to finish the job. It is possible that you may not have access to some parts of your house for a period of time and want to be able to plan accordingly.

References The strategy is this, tell any potential landscaping company to give at least three references. If any company can supply you their references, it signifies that they are confident enough in their past work. Any company that upset its former customers would never supply their references.

Clearer Pictures Sketch, draw or get pictures of the type of design you want your landscape to look like and show it to your landscaping company. You can get photos online, cut pictures from magazines or taken picture of those you have seen somewhere. Show you landscaper the pictures and explain that this is what you want them to design for you. Let them reassure you that they would be able to do what you need done.

Payment Terms A competent landscaping company will never ask you to pay all the money in the beginning. It is good if they ask for some down payment of the total amount to be paid after the project has been completed. Let it be in your written agreement that your payment would be in stages. The stages will depend on the break-down of the project. Write them check at the completion of a stage.


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