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Clean Equals Less Green

The most frequent and important part of your pool maintenance is, cleaning the water of course. If you keep on top of it you will have to spend less money overall, as you wont have to repair any damage. Nevertheless, most people feel the job is one of the greatest headaches related to their pool.

The logical process is that a clean pool is nice to look at and a safe place to swim in from harmful bacteria. Not cleaning the pool isnt an option, it simply must be done. For instance, if you leave your pool cleaning duties too long you may have to retile damaged areas. But apart from the unsightliness, health is also at the forefront. Swimming in dirty water poses a serious health risk.

You must be well aware of contaminant or impurities that normally pollute your swimming pool's water. Your pool's water generally gets polluted by environmental pollutants, such as dust, leaves, chemical waste in the atmosphere, pollen, spores, germs, and so on. Your sweat, body oils, and body fluids likewise can also contaminate your pool's water. So these pollutants can be caused with our interactions in the pool or by the atmosphere.

Your pool has a flow pump and a filter. Your swimming pool pump makes your swimming pool water move through the pool filter every day. It assists to remove unwanted pollutants and add sanitized natural materials into the pool water.

You should make it a regular habit to backwash your pool filter often to dislodge any dirt or particles that are stuck to it, due to contamination build ups. This is a natural occurrence over time and thankfully its quite easy to remedy.

The filter and pump are only effective if they are running and in good working order. Remember to keep an eye out to make sure your filter and pump and working as they should be. In case you notice any problem, you should get it repaired by a professional.

Sand filters are the most common filter utilized in pools nowadays. These filters are a lot easier to keep than diatomaceous filters. A diatomaceous filter can filter out finer particles of dirt, however they need more upkeep.

Cartridge filters, which are rather simple to preserve, are also rather extensively in use nowadays. Finally, zeolite filters are emerging as a popular choice. Zeolite filters are good and many of these filters also contain a mineral named clinoptilolite.

These filters do not need any routine maintenance and they can also reduce pool odours which is a naturally occurring process once you add chlorine to your pool.

You also need to manually scrub and vacuum your pools surfaces as the pump and the filter do not prevent this from becoming dirty. You can use either a manual brush or a semi-automatic cleaner which you work by hand.

There is also the option to use an automatic cleaner which will run up and down the pool and catch all the dirt for you in an attached bag. Its a powerful tool indeed that will free up your time.


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