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Make Your Life Easier Through The Art Of Home Automation

From toasters to thermostats, the automation of the household items we rely on daily has made life easier. However, many fundamental questions remain in the rapidly growing field of Home Automation. Guest author, Matt Powell, of Broadband Genie has a few specialized methods to make the most out of today's ever-changing world of automated home technology so that you can prepared, happy, and--above all else--comfortable in your own home.

--Making the Most of your Dollar and Time--

It is really impossible in today's day and age to manage the complexities of a modern home without utilizing automation. Whether it is closing your garage door, saving money on your thermostat remotely while you are on vacation, or just making sure that your favorite song is primed and ready to go when you get home, there are literally hundreds of minor details that can be better controlled with a little bit of planning and technology.

Some people like to think that these feature are limited to an elite class of tech snobs, but realistically, Jacksonville home automation is now incredibly available and easy to use. The new class of folks using home automation are people of average technical skills primarily using technology as a way to effectively cut down on costs.

One such example of this technology is to use a Smart Thermometer, which can be programmed from a smartphone or other such devices. Instead of just using time, temperature, or other predetermined cycle settings, these devices can give the ultimate level in control and function.

Motion sensor lighting in your house can reduce waste, but you can double down on the savings by creating preset levels that make your bulbs shine at 75% brightness. Less burned out bulbs, less electricity.

--Creating a Smart and Safe House--

Not only will you reap the savings of having an automated home, but you can also feel secure about your home too. While you are away, a house with an automated lighting system can turn random lights on and off in varying cycles, giving the home a "lived in" look that will certainly deter would-be criminals.

You can put your mind to ease with cameras that allow you to remotely view the inside of your home from your devices. Relax, you don't have to watch all the can set up a system that will automatically push a message to you if movement is detected in your home. Talk about piece of mind!

There are a variety of lock companies (Yale, Quikset, Baldwin, et al.) that can employ an automated lock system in your house. These products enable remote locking and unlocking, as well programmable access control to grant only the people you trust into your home while you are away.

--Making the Most of an Automated Home--

The name of the game in home automation is how nicely all of your technologies intertwine with each other. Control4 is the golden standard because of their focus on inter-operability. While other--less desirable-- do it yourself kits promise the benefits of home automation, only the trusted word of Control4 will literally make your home better with its simple, one-platform, easy to understand system.


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