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The Reasons I Love My New Interior Shutters

Until recently I never even considered installing interior shutters but had tried many window furnishings, never getting the results that I was looking for. That is until I shared this with a friend and she told me that her mother had them installed and absolutely loved what it did for her home. After listening to her perspective I had become convinced that I had found the option I had been looking for all along.

My favorite aspect of this option is that I can finally completely control the amount of sunlight that enters my kitchen. When you factor in doing dishes, running the dishwasher and cooking, the kitchen can become very warm, even in the cool evening hours. However, during the day it would be quite miserable to take on any of these tasks, even with the air conditioning going. My shutters have made this a non-issue, enabling me to enjoy my baking again, no matter the temperature outside.

I also enjoy the added privacy. I live relatively close to my neighbors and know that at night, even with the blinds or curtains closed, my neighbors could see what was occurring in my home. I now feel like my family and I really are alone while spending time together.

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Finally, I really like that they are easy to clean. I was getting awfully tired of taking down my curtains to wash them and having to throw away blinds because they simply would not come fully clean any longer. The shutters are so easy to clean I make a point to do it every week and no longer dread the chore. My trick is to dust them every couple of days to prevent any major build up and use a damp cloth once a week. Adding some wood oil goes a long way to prevent build up of dust as well, and doesn't need to be applied too often.

If you are looking for a new option for window coverings that reduce the temperature in your home, increase privacy and are easier to clean then you really should consider installing interior shutters. They add a classy look to any home's decor and are far less than replacing blinds and curtains year after year. My only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner. In fact, I plan to have them installed throughout my home within the next few months.


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