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Things To Know About A Single-family Detached Home

Have you been scouting for house and land packages in Perth? There are so many different types of house and land packages out in the market, particularly in the major cities like Perth. With such variety of house construction companies, you are spoilt for choice. Have you ever considered purchasing or renting a single-family detached home?

Here are a few things you will want and need to know about this kind of house:

It is also known as single-family home or detached house. It is also known for quite a variety of terms like the single-detached dwelling or separate house. As such, it is a residential building that is free-standing. In most single-family homes, there are surrounding areas in the house like a garden and a garage. In an earlier time wherein single-family detached homes are made, gardens and garages are detached. As such, they stand as a separate building. They are usually either near a driveway. When in urban areas, however, they face an alley.

Single-family detached homes are ideal for members of a single family. Or, the residents can be a single party of people. Other equivalents of single-family homes are:

  1. Apartment complexes
  2. Condominiums
  3. Duplexes
  4. Semi-detached houses
  5. Terrace houses
  6. Townhouses

There are pros and cons to single-detached homes. One of the advantages is that the whole space around the building is exclusive to the owner and the family. In utmost cases, more rooms in an existing house may be added if needed. Property management fees are not necessary like the ones being paid when living in a condominium or in a townhouse.

As for the disadvantages, the maintenance and repair expenses will be shouldered by no other than the owner. Usually, there is not a lot of amenities like pools and playgrounds. Landscaping and lawn upkeeping may be costly too.

Here are a few rooms that are usually in a single-detached house:

Lounge room

Usually, it is the largest room of the house. This is where everyone can relax and entertain guests.

Great room

Traditional room spaces are combined altogether in this room. It may include the family room, the living room, and the study room


This is where the food is prepared. Other kinds of single-family detached homes even have eat-in kitchens. This is the same place where food is prepared and eaten by the family.


This is the place to sleep, there could be one or even more.


It may contain a bath tub and a shower, combined with a sink or wash basin.

Other houses may also feature a dining room, family room, front room, laundry room and study room.


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