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Window Shutters: Are They Secure?

While exterior window shutters are made to guard your home from people seeing inside, can they

protect you from intruders?

The answer to this question depends on the type of shutters you have installed.

Window shutters typically have horizontal louvres, or slats, that can be adjustable or fixed in place to let in natural light or deflect sunlight and rain depending on how your angle them.

First, lets discuss the different kinds of shutters.

Traditional shutters Traditional shutters have thinner louvres than plantation shutters. A common shutter used throughout history was the Board-and-Batten style. Made of vertical slats fastened with cross members, these were used for security and protection against intruders and harsh weather, says oldhouseonline.

Plantation shutters Plantation shutters have rows of wide louvres that let in natural light. You can choose between a variety of materials such as aluminum, PVC, a vinyl mixture, wood and faux wood to match your homes style, and increase security, Vincent Security advises.

Shutters can provide extra security because they are another barrier that an intruder must pass through. This delay can give you more time to notify the police, arm yourself, or escape. Shutters are excellent for concealing your possessions. With no knowledge of what you own, you are a smaller target for criminals. Because there is no visible glass or locks, your home looks less accessible.

You can also get locks installed for your plantation shutters. By increasing the difficulty of getting into your home, you are increasing your security.

Anti-intruder shutters Purchasing specialized security shutters will provide a great deal of protection for your home. These come with special hinges and frames. Two models, EHRET TSW-S and TISZO-S, have a frame that is welded on all four sides. These security model shutters increase safety because more physical force is needed to open the shutters. You also have protection against pliers, screwdrivers, and other easy-to- acquire tools, says.

If you have traditional shutters already installed, some features that can be added are a closed insert, security catches, and a locking ring on hinges, says

By adding various methods of protection, it will be easier to deter an intruder, because he/she is trying to get in and out as quickly as possible.

What material you choose for your shutters also affects your security. Real wood, aluminum, and metal are some of the recommended types.

Rolling shutters

Used in schools, businesses, and homes, rolling shutters are known for their security. For a business, you can maintain your friendly look by rolling them into their panel box so customers can not see them, and unrolling them when security is needed, says enviroblind.

To protect your school or business you dont need to be present. You can open and close rolling shutters via a timer, remote control, or smartphone. Enviroblind says these shutters are made of flexible aluminum with a polyurethane or hard resin core, or extruded aluminum.

Additional features to consider for your shutters

Ehrets burg rods and rod locks Alutechs end-retention bolts The possibility of breaking into your home when you have installed retention bolts to each slate of your shutters is nearly impossible Great Blog Here.

Remember that varied methods of security are an excellent way to deter intruders. Protect your life, your home, and your belongings.


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